Working From Home: Heaven or Hell?

We’re in lockdown 3, which means those who can, have to work from home.  

Before the pandemic, some of us would dream of the idea of WFH.  No commuting, less interruptions, more time with the family.  However, the reality can be much less enjoyable than the idea.  

Many of us miss the camaraderie of working alongside our colleagues, the support at work,  a decent workstation and fast internet, to mention just a few.  

We’re nearly there.  A vaccine is around the corner and hopefully soon, we’ll get back to some normality.    In the meantime, if you’re feeling frayed at the edges what can you do to help yourself?

As an Alexander Teacher, I teach mindfulness in activity, meaning you can apply mindfulness whilst your working, rather than having to sit cross legged concentrating on an object.  

Here’s a few tips and tricks to try:

Sitting at the computer:  check your feet are on the floor, your sitting on your sitting bones, the screen is at eye level and your back is supported.  Set an alarm on your phone for 20 minutes.  Then off you go.  When the alarm goes off, it’ll probably feel like only 10 minutes have passed!  See how you are.  Have you crossed your legs?Slumped in the chair? Poked your head forwards towards the screen?  No matter. Have a reset, look around the room, stretch your arms above your head and then off you go again for another 20 minutes and so on.  This will help your brain to wake up and let you know when things are getting out of kilter.

Take some deep breaths:  breathe in through your nose (imagine you are smelling a rose) and breathe out through your mouth (imagine you’re blowing a little feather across the room).  Repeat 3 times.  This can be enough to reset the breathing and increase the oxygen to the brain.

When it’s time to take a break, find 10 minutes of your break time to lie on your back, on a carpeted floor with your head resting on a couple of paperback books, knees bent.  Allow your body to ‘come to quiet’.  Notice the support you have from the floor and the book, observe your breathing,  notice what you can see, hear and feel.  We call this active rest.  When practised daily, its fantastic for the whole mind and body and settles down the body’s central nervous system . Another plus is it acts as a re-charge and can help you with the next part of your working day.  To top it all, its free.  You don’t need any special equipment or to go anywhere (apart from away from other family members).

If you’d like to find out more about how the Alexander Technique can transform your life, please contact me for a free online consultation, without obligation to take it any further.  What do you have to lose, apart from some excess tension?