Why not take up rather than give up for a new year’s resolution?

When we make New Year’s resolutions we often give up or cut down on something. How many of us give up chocolate in January, only to dip into the choccies by the end of the first week? Resolutions we make are frequently health related. Who doesn’t want to look and feel better?

Why not think about taking something up, rather than giving something up? The Alexander Technique can make you look and feel better without giving anything up. Lessons can improve posture, breathing, reduce stress and last, but not least, it helps alleviate back, neck and joint problems.

The British Medical Journal published the results of a clinical trial involving back pain sufferers who undertook Alexander Technique lessons. The average number of activities limited by the participants fell by 42%. The number of days’ pain per month was 3 days, compared with 21 days in the control group.

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“The Alexander Technique helped a long-standing back problem and to get a good night’s sleep after many years of tossing and turning.”

– Paul Newman, actor