Phones & Bones

Mobile phones…. They’ve become a big part of our everyday lives.  They are so useful, some of us panic if we can’t put our hand on them or go out without them!  They’re an amazing bit of kit, but not even a a millionth as amazing as our bodies, which have been so intricately designed.  We are walking miracles.

How we use and hold our phones can have a dramatic impact on our miraculous bodies.    If you look at the effect on the body of holding a phone and looking down at it on the pic.  If you add into this the weight of the average human head (3.5 kg or 10 lbs) you begin the appreciate how hard the back and neck muscles have to work in order to sit or stand in this stooped position.  There’s even a condition known as ‘text neck’, caused by mobile phone use.

See if you can notice how you  use yourself when using a phone.  Look around at others who are using phones.  What are they doing.  It’s so easy to make a change: simply hold the phone higher so you can see it without dropping your head and rounding your back.  If you’re sitting, put a couple of cushions on your lap and rest the phone or tablet on those.

The human brain is extraordinary.  We learn things by repetition and once learned, they become a habit, for better or for worse.  See if you can change the way you use your devices and look after yourself.  You’re the best bit of kit going.