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Alexander hits the Antiques Roadshow

The Alexander Technique turns up in the most unexpected places. In the attached clip, the auctioneer discusses an original portrait of the great man himself: F.M. Alexander. They talk enthusiastically about the Alexander Technique, but have missed the mark somewhat....

Walking and the Alexander Technique

Walking and the Alexander Technique

Who'd have thought you could learn to walk using the Alexander Technique!   Of course, I'm not teaching people how to walk, we've been managing that since we were toddlers. However, you can apply the Alexander Technique to your walking to improve the way you move. We...

Cycling and the Alexander Technique

A young man who comes to me for Alexander lessons who is also a keen cyclist (keen enough to cycle back to the UK from Korea!) asked how he could apply the Alexander Technique to cycling. We worked particularly on how to come forward from the hip joints rather than...

Visit to MIND

I visited MIND, the mental health charity, with a colleague, to give a workshop for staff and counsellors there. The feedback was very positive and there was lots of interaction with many of the staff having an Alexander Technique 'turn'. They work very hard with...

Poise for thought as I fall under Andrea’s spell

The Oldham Chronicle have written this article about Andrea and the Alexander Technique: Please click on the link for more information

Fan’s email helps veteran Steve Davies

Fan's email helps veteran Steve Davies, 52, topple world champion.  Alexander's key discovery: Primary control and inhibition, demonstrated in world championship snooker.

Don’t strain yourself for marathons

Don't strain yourself for marathons The inside track - Richard Armitage The Times 27 April  2010 Richard lies semi-supine for 15 minutes each morning. He claims the AT helps his vocal use and control and with his stress levels during filming. To read the full article,...

How to choose the best exercise for your body

How to choose the best exercise for your body Daily Express 27 April 2010 Debra Daley, author of "Body Moves" advises back pain sufferers to try the AT to improve postural tone and muscular co-ordination. For the full article, visit:...

Fashion Therapy

Fashion Therapy By Liz Jones The Daily Mail 3 May  2010 Chyna Whyne explains how the AT can help fans of high heels. To read the full article visit:

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