Musicians and the Alexander Technique

Like many locals, I love Whit Friday and watching the brass bands. I admire the players greatly, particularly those who play large instruments, but can’t help noticing the potential strain that this can put on the body and breathing mechanism.

For example, if our normal habit of standing is with the hips pushed forwards and the shoulders slightly backwards, holding and playing an instrument can place additional strain on the spine and interfere with the breath. Learning how to use the Alexander Technique can help with both back and joint pain and improve breathing technique.

A number of famous musicians, including Yehudi Menuhen, James Galway, Sting and Paul McCartney to name but a few, have studied the Alexander Technique in order to improve their performance.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can learn the Alexander Technique, please contact me.

I’m also available to give introductory talks to groups – whether this is bands, choirs or a group of friends!