We often say, ‘oh, I need to relax more’, ‘I’m too tense, I need to chill out’.

What do we actually want to happen when we say this?

‘Relax’ is a funny word.  It can make people let themselves go floppy and a little disconnected.  It’s much better if we can be be at rest, but ready for action when it’s needed. We call this ‘mindfulness in activity’. 

Think of travelling in a car.  We’re moving along in the car, changing gear, clutching and accelerating.  We’re in movement.  In order to ‘relax’ the car, we don’t have to stop and turn it’s engine off and take the key from the ignition.  

 If we’re at traffic lights, we can be either holding the clutch and revving the engine, often feeling impatient waiting for the lights to change.  A nice alternative, is to put the car into neutral,  take your foot off the pedals and wait for the lights to change before putting it into gear.  We’re ready, but not tense with anticipation.

In you’re everyday life, when an activity is over, we need to let our mind and body return to neutral rather than keeping it constantly engaged with our clutches depressed and the engine revving slightly.  This is likely to cause excess tension and anxiety.

Think of it as ‘coming to quiet’.  Don’t stay with the completed task or over-anticipate the next one.

The Alexander Technique helps people find this easily accessible place of quietness, but readiness and alertness for what life my throw next at you.

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