Alexander Technique in the World of Work

I gave a 7-week course to a group from Leigh Day Solicitors.  Their HR department wanted to offer as much support to their desk-bound employees to help them deal with the demands of their working day.  They were a great bunch of people, who were keen to find out how they could help themselves to be more at ease, in particular, at their computers.  This isn’t posture training, where someone tells you how to sit and you try and stick to it.  If you ever tried that, you know it  just doesn’t work.We looked at  some basic anatomy and body mapping, i.e. where the joints are).  We looked at sitting, standing, bending, walking, breathing,  turning and twisting, the power of the eyes in movements, lying on the floor (yes they did that whilst at work!!)By the end of the course, they had some tools in their toolbox which they could apply practically to their everyday lives and we had fun along the way.

If you’re a business owner or HR manager or if you think your boss might be interested in taking something like this up in your workplace, please let me know.  I offer a free, without obligation, talk to gauge interest amongst staff members.  If people are comfortable and not straining themselves, they’ll be happy, productive people.