How’s your balance?

Can you stand on one leg?  How long can you sustain it?  Is one leg easier than the other?  

If that’s something you struggle with, you may well think that your balance isn’t great.  Chances are, you probably need to look about how you do it.  You may think, ‘why do I need to stand on one leg anyway?’  But just consider for a moment about how you walk.  Walking is a balancing act.  You are momentarily on one leg or the other.  It’s not something we think about when walking, but every step we take we’re either on the left leg or the right.  

When running, there is a moment when both feet are off the ground before the front foot touches down.  Do a bit of people-watching next time you’re out and about.  You’ll see how many variations of gait there are when people are walking and running.  Do you know how you walk?  Most of us don’t give it a second thought, we just walk.  It’s such a complex activity, our brains can’t work out exactly how we do it in any event.  In my Alexander Technique sessions, I spend quite a bit of my time helping people to unlearn the habits that may be impeding their balance and movement.  Subject to physical disability, we all walk.  If you’re interested in improving the way you walk to make it easier and more efficient, try one of my sessions or group courses on the Alexander Technique and you’ll find out how to apply the principles to your  balance and your walking,  which will send you off striding into the sunset.  
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