Learning Alexander Technique in the Workplace

Alexander Technique sessions are extremely valuable lessons in self-care.

Everyone prefers to learn in different ways. Some people want 1-1 sessions to they have individual attention focussed on their needs. Others prefer to learn as a group with friends and with work colleagues.

People can learn either online or face to face (once current Covid restrictions allow).

We look in detail how they use their mind and body during the working activities. Habits which are unconscious are always employed for better for worse. Alexander Technique teaches them how to recognise which habits aren’t serving them well and in fact making the job more difficult and arduous than it actually is.

Lessons consist of gentle hands-on or detailed verbal instruction and live demonstration by your teacher to help people experience what lightness and economy of use is possible for every-day activities, for example: standing, walking, sitting, and bending.

  • Applying the AT to workplace activities means people can use themselves effectively and often are able to perform tasks which they had previously thought were either difficult, or beyond them

People learn how to take 10 minutes of lying down to undo some of the tensions the mind and body is holding in order to perform much better for the rest of the day. It’s like a re-charge or booster.

Some people have a short course of lessons to learn the basics, others prefer to take their understanding to a deeper level by continuing with regular lessons. The technique is not something which is ‘done to people’, but in which they are a participant. There are things to take away from each lesson to practise in daily life. It puts people back in the driving seat and helps them help themselves. It is a great form of mindfulness in activity, thereby teaching people how to re-connect the mind and body and establish a feeling of wellbeing and quiet.

Lessons can be a life changing experience. As you let go on the old unwanted habits of a lifetime, life can become more enriching and fulfilling.