Alexander Technique for Performers and Artists

The Alexander Technique is steeped in the performing arts. If you want to find out how you can excel at your chosen craft, then Alexander Technique lessons are a must.

The more you can look after yourself whilst singing, acting or playing a musical instrument, the more polished your performance will be. Many performers end up with aches and pains, stage fright or sometimes burn-out. You’re body is precious instrument too and needs to be looked after.

Concert pianist, Murray McLachlan in his book, ‘The Foundations of Technique’, says,
“It’s vital to start looking at your complete lifestyle if you want to remain in good physical shape at the instrument. That means diet, sleep patterns, exercise (physical and mental), relaxation techniques and posture. If you slouch or play with your neck jutting out, seek a good Alexander Technique teacher before doing anything else!”

Having a musician in my family means I have a first hand insight into the demands which playing complex pieces of music can have on the mind and body.