Alexander Technique in the Workplace

Every HR department knows the cost of sickness absence from work to an organisation. Employees are a company’s best asset. Looking after the health and wellbeing of staff is often key to good performance from the individual and the organisation as a whole.

An estimated 141.4 million working days were lost because of sickness or injury in the UK in 2018, the equivalent to 4.4 days per worker.

The top 4 reasons for sickness absence from work, according to the Office of National Statistics, are:

  • Minor illnesses (e.g. coughs/colds);
  • Musculo skeletal conditions (e.g. back/neck/shoulder pain);
  • Mental health issues (stress/depression/anxiety);
  • Other conditions (e.g. accidents, poisoning, diabetes).

Imagine if you could offer employees a method of self-care which could help them perform at work, which could:

  • prevent/reduce absenteeism;
  • improve productivity;
  • raise workplace morale;
  • promote better long-term health.

Teaching people the Alexander Technique and how to apply it to their everyday life at work and play is a sure-fire way of empowering employees to learn how to look after themselves puts them back in the driving seat.

Common ‘misuse’ habits, such as slumping at your desk, raising your shoulder when on the telephone, or gripping your computer mouse, can be the source of the problem. The Alexander Technique teaches you to address these habits and release tension, improve posture and promote body awareness.

The Technique can help you avoid strain and injury, whatever your occupation, be it heavy manual work, healthcare, office work or spending hours standing.

Mental health issues: stress & anxiety
The practical mindfulness taught in the Technique helps you deal with mental and emotional stress at work, enabling you to keep a cool head, “think on your feet” and represent yourself with poise and confidence.

Stay focused and relaxed under pressure, perform better and enjoy your job more.

How does it work?
Employees are asked to attend live, online (during Covid) workshops/courses to teach them how to use the Alexander Technique and apply it to their work.

I have personally given workshops and ran courses for employees at a local authority, Charities, radiology department at a large teaching hospital, Chronic Pain groups and other groups and societies.

Other colleagues have worked with many organisations including The British Film Institute, ICI, Clifford Chance, BBC, The Guardian, The Job Centre, Hewlett-Packard, Grey Advertising, Chanel, British Library, M&S, and many more.

The government white paper, “Healthy Lives, healthy People”, emphasises the need for businesses to invest in employees’ wellbeing and has moved health at work up the agenda.

It is easy to introduce the Technique in the workplace because it involves no specific exercises or special equipment. Lessons can take place during the working day, when people are better able to directly observe their patterns of response to stress and can more easily apply what they have learned.

Custom-built for your workforce
I can tailor a programme to meet the individual needs of your employees and company. e.g. a one off workshop, courses for groups or one to one sessions. Please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

I can teach your employees how to apply the principles of the Technique at their workstation so that they can apply it themselves in activity. This can be at their desk or counters, any manufacturing workstation or loading bay, forklift truck driving etc.

Companies also find it useful to introduce Alexander Technique principles in the form of workshops during staff conferences or as part of staff training days.