What Happens in a Session

Everyone prefers to learn in different ways. Some people want 1-1 sessions to they have individual attention focussed on their needs. Others prefer to learn as a group with friends or with work colleagues.

You can learn either online or face to face (once current Covid restrictions allow).

Lessons consist of gentle hands-on by your teacher together with a verbal explanation to help you experience what lightness and economy of use is possible for every-day activities, for example: standing, walking, sitting, and bending.
Most teachers work with students in lying down using a Alexander ‘table’ and in sitting and standing, using a chair.
Some people have a short course of lessons to learn the basics, others prefer to take their understanding to a deeper level by continuing with regular lessons.  The choice is yours.
The technique is not something which is ‘done to you’, but which you are a participant.  There are things to take away from each lesson to try out for yourself in your daily life.
It is a great form of mindfulness in activity, thereby teaching people how to re-connect the mind and body and establish a feeling of wellbeing and quiet.

Lessons can be a life changing experience. As you let go on the old unwanted habits of a lifetime, life can become more enriching and fulfilling.