Neck Pain

ATLAS (Alexander Technique Lessons or Acupuncture Sessions for people with chronic neck pain) was a large, well-designed, well-conducted, randomised, controlled trial involving 517 people with chronic neck pain.

Conclusions: Offering people with chronic neck pain, 20 one-to-one lessons (600 minutes total) in the Alexander Technique, or 12 acupuncture sessions (600 minutes total), can lead to long-term improvement in their pain and associated disability.1 · The observed improvement in self-efficacy gained from Alexander lessons illustrates the self-care nature of this method and helps to explain the sustained benefit which continued to the end of the study, more than 6 months after the lessons had finished1 . · Alexander Technique lessons and acupuncture are both appropriate options to offer people with chronic neck pain, and the choice between these will be an individual one.1 · There are now two large randomised controlled trials published that demonstrate the effectiveness of one-to-one Alexander lessons for people with chronic musculoskeletal conditions: ATEAM for chronic back pain and ATLAS for chronic neck pain.

Other trials relating the efficacy of AT lessons  relating to:

  • Chronic pain;
  • Parkinsons;
  • Postural and ergonomic  skills;
  • Balance in older people;
  • Movement co-ordination;
  • Musical Performance.