Mental Health and Wellbeing

When you are under stress the Alexander Technique can provide effective relief.

Too much pressure can make you ill: work, relationships, money troubles, commuting, health problems, exams, job interviews can all have a combined effect on the body and mind.

To effectively combat stress, we need to address the physical, mental and emotional causes. The Alexander Technique helps to control the way we respond to life and to return to a balanced state of body and mind.

Feeling grounded, mindful and calm will help you manage any stressful event, such as an interview, audition or exam, with more confidence and control.

To try and separate or treat the mind and body is impossible. One affects the other and vice versa. I work with people who often start lessons for ‘physical’ problems such as a bad back. What they are often surprised to find out is they start to feel calmer and find it easier to deal with the problems everyday life throws at all of us.

Next time you feel angry, or you’re rushing, upset or frustrated, see if you can stop and notice what’s going on in your body. You extremely like to notice that your body is holding excess tension and this is directly related to the thoughts spinning around your brain.

Alexander Teachers are not trained therapists, but have often had their own life changing problems and have been on a journey themselves.

Try this: sit or stand in a slumped position. Then try and think of a happy thought or memory. Notice how easy or difficult it is to replay that memory. Then come out of your slumped position. Don’t try and sit ramrod upright, simply come out of the slump. Replay the same thought or memory. Do you notice it’s easier to recall and enjoy it?


Learning to manage stress with the Alexander Technique will also:

  • improve breathing
  • promote general relaxation
  • enhance mental clarity
  • help you avoid feeling overwhelmed
  • improve sleep
  • help you manage anger
  • reduce nervousness
  • prevent unduly excited fear responses