How can Alexander Technique help me?

Had enough of pain?
Do you want to learn self-care?
Would you like to experience freedom in your everyday life?

The human mind & body is a sophisticated piece of kit, yet it didn’t come with a user manual.

The Alexander Technique is that manual.

What can Alexander Technique lessons do for me?

  • Help you overcome back, neck and joint pain and alleviate muscle tension and stiffness;
  • Avoid aches and pains in leisure and work-related activities;
  • Alleviates symptoms caused by anxiety and stress;
  • Help you stand and walk taller without ‘holding’ yourself up;
  • Make everyday activities a synch to perform;
  • Increases confidence;
  • Help expectant mums adapt to their changing body shape;
  • Improve communication skills/public speaking;
  • Improves sporting and musical activities.